Staff Appreciation Awards

The 2015 CoE Staff Appreciation Day was held in Tech Rec on July 7 and marked the awarding of the first annual CoE Staff Awards. 

First Annual COE Staff Awards

We received over 20 excellent nominations for the categories of awards. The intent of the program is to provide opportunity for formal recognition for staff members in COE. Each recipient received a desk award and $1500 check.

Rising Star Award

The award is for individuals beginning their career at Georgia Tech within the past three years. It recognizes a staff member who has created or utilized an opportunity to grow and develop in their role and as a result, has made important contributions to their unit. The recipient is Ami Waller-Ivanecky, Academic Advisor in CHBE, nominated by Pradeep Agrawal and David Sholl.

Of her many accomplishments since joining CHBE in August 2012, Ami started the CHBE Student Ambassador Organization and the Transfer Students Association to provide high level service during FASET, showcase CHBE during campus tours, and mentor transfer students. She wrote and received industry funding to help support these efforts. All of this in addition to her normal academic advising duties.
One of her letters states: “To me, she exemplifies the finest aspects of student advising: knowledge of the curricula with which she works, availability to students, concerns for student development, clear and forthright communications, good judgment in non-routine situations, and dependability.”

Team Builder Award

This award is for an individual that fosters a work environments that supports others, passes on knowledge and experience, demonstrates flexibility, and helps the group achieve productive results.
The recipient is Shauna Bennett-Boyd, Administrative Manager in ME, nominated by Dana Foster.

Shauna oversees a team of 17 administrative professionals, four of whom are supervisors reporting directly to her. She is constantly communicating with her supervisors to keep everyone updated on changes in procedures, personnel changes as well as asking for feedback to improve the work environment. She leads by example and  is willing to step in and help if there is an Admin Professional out of the office. She holds regular meetings, including a “breakfast club” to encourage teamwork in the group.

One of her letters states: “What impressed me the most about Shauna was her unwavering support and dedication to the Administrative Team. She was determined to boost morale and has taken on the role of being their advocate. She continues to support them and speak up for them when necessary. She has truly given the Administrative Team a “VOICE” and continues to promote collaboration and teamwork.

Hero Award

The award is recognizes an individual who is a role model, is committed to the delivery of excellent service and results always, and is the person the everyone turns to for support or solutions. The recipient is Tracie Dinkins, Financial Manager in BME, nominated by Ravi Bellamkonda.

Tracie serves as a “consultant” for faculty, staff and students on the new and evolving financial systems on campus. She is always friendly and patient while responding rapidly to all inquiries, regardless of how minor or complex they are. She also takes time to teach others, step by step, so they are comfortable interacting with the systems to get their jobs done. She does all of this in the complex structure of BME that includes both Georgia Tech and Emory.

One of her letters states: “As a financial manager in our department, Tracie Dinkins oversees many important details which ensure our department runs smoothly. Tracie’s never-ending work ethic, positive and inquisitive attitude is an inspiring combination that would advantageous to any team. I view Tracie as one of those few individuals you are lucky enough to meet in your life.” 

Buzz Trophy

Congratulations to the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering on winning this year's bowling competition to earn the coveted Buzz Trophy. The team consisted of Wayne Whiteman, Darryl Williams, and Cary Ogletree.

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