Making a Difference

We asked staff members to tell us about acts of kindness they've performed, witnessed, or had done for them. Here is what they had to say.

From Mechelle Kitchings, MSE:

"I remember a time when I was approached by a homeless man at Family Dollar with my children (aged 9 &10) who asked me for money because he was hungry.  I don’t normally give money, but offered to buy him something to eat.  He wanted a hamburger, so I brought him a combo meal with fries and a drink.  He was so excited to get the food with the extras which really warmed my heart.  But what really blessed me was when my children asked me, “Mommy, is it true that if we bless others, God will bless us?” It blessed me, because I think I taught my children that it is good to give to others less fortunate."

Lisa Cox, ISyE:

"A couple of years ago I was getting a meal at Popeye's and I impulsively decided to give the girl working the drive thru a $20.00 tip. It was one of the best gifts I’ve ever given. Based on her reaction, you would have thought I had just given her a million bucks. Sure made my day."

Ben Wright, Dean's Office:

"When I started grad school I moved from Canada to Winston-Salem, NC without visiting campus or meeting anyone in my program. I got into the program at the last minute and moved without having accommodations lined up, but I was promised by the program director that they’d help me out. When I arrived I was given the key to a faculty member’s house. He was away at a debate tournament, but he said I could stay at his place. He'd never even met me, but he opened his home to me and let me stay with him for a few weeks until I found an apartment. After I got my own place I house sat for him for two years any time he was out of town, and we've stayed in touch ever since."

Todd Sulchek, ME:

"When I had a new baby, my secretary, Melissa Raine, made her a beautiful quilt.”  

Vickie Brian, AE:

"A former supervisor found out I wasn't feeling well and had the kitchen (I worked in a long term care retirement home) make hot tea with lemon and he brought it to me in a silver teapot and silver tray. And he served it. It really made me feel special."

"There was a student who discovered baby kittens abandoned and took it upon himself to find homes for the kittens."

"An aerospace engineering employee has been struggling for several months with dependable transportation. She bought a used car and it turned out to be a lemon. Every time she turned around it was costing her money. After being told it would cost $5,000 to get it working, she decided to just let it go back to the dealer. So she went back to using Uber, Marta, busses, etc., getting from place to place. No one knew the extent of her struggle as she kept it to herself. She was trusting that God would provide. She works full time, goes to school at night, and serves her church on the weekend as their minister of music. The pastor got wind of her need and he and his wife felt led to give her a 2003 jaguar that was an extra car for them and that they had put money into to get it good shape. At church this past Sunday, at the end of the service, she was leading the music, the pastor told her she was a blessing to the ministry and they wanted to be a blessing to her. He handed her the keys to a 2003 white jaguar in perfect condition. She found favor."

From Mariah Austin, CEE:

"A student assistant in our department went to China. When he returned, he brought back a tea pot for one of CEE’s employee’s because he knows that she enjoys drinking tea. It was such a nice gesture and she was honored that he would think of her and bring that all the way back from China."

"Last week I ran by the grocery store to grab creamer for my coffee. I got to the register to pay and realized I had left my wallet. I told the lady at the register I would have to come back, that I didn’t realize I didn’t grab my wallet before I left (it was a long day).  The lady in line behind me told me not to worry that she would take care of it. I realize it wasn’t a lot of money but I was so touched that she would do that for a complete stranger when she didn’t have to. It completely made my day and in return made me want pay it forward."

Peggy Hughes, ECE:

"My co-workers came to console me when the Steelers lost to the Patriots in the AFC Championship. Go Falcons!"