2016 CoE Staff Appreciation

This year's CoE "You Are A Star!" staff appreciation event was held on Wednesday, July 13 in the student center ballroom. With a Hollywood theme the event included great food, a photo booth, lots of candy, some surprise musical numbers, and an incredible karaoke battle.

It all kicked off with this amazing Prince tribute:


Thank you to the band and the dancers for their hard work. In case you couldn't recognize them, they were:

Kenny Garrick (ME) Prince
Shanta Hutchins (CEE) Wendy 
LaJauna Whitner- Bason (MSE) Sheila E 
Leslie Johnson Boston (COE) Lisa
Darryl Williams (ME) The Doctor 
Rudy Paratchek (COE) Jerome
Glenda Johnson (ME) Dancer
Lizzie Millman (ISYE) Dancer 
Adrienne Hillman (CEE) Dancer 
Dimetra Diggs-Butler (ISYE) Dancer & Costumes 
Melody Foster & Monifa Skelton (ME) Crew, Props and Management
Cameron Barnes (ME) Music

That performance was followed by a spirited karaoke contest, kicked off by a rousing number from the Woodruff School's associate schair, Paul Neitzel. He was backed up by Dean May, civil and environmental engineering chair Reggie DesRoches, and incoming interim BME chair Ross Ethier. You had to be there to see it, unless you know someone bold enough to film their bosses and post it on YouTube or Facebook. 

The contest itself was won by ECE's Brian Bennett, earning ECE the coveted school spirit Buzz trophy.

Hats off to the other school's representatives- BME's Tory Thurman, CEE's Tracy Boothe- Miller, ISyE's Stacey Gangloff, ME's Candler Hobbs, and MSE's Mechelle Kitchings and Hope Payne.

The annual staff awards were also announced at the event. Each award winner was nominated by their co-workers.

Rising Star Award

The award is for individuals beginning their career at GT within the past 3 years.  It recognizes a staff member who has created or utilized an opportunity to grow and develop in their role and as a result, has made important contributions to their unit.

The recipient is Rose Brito, Faculty Support Coordinator in BME. She was nominated by Kelly Rockwell. Rose was hired to provide faculty support to the very busy Neuroengineering group and her duties have quickly increased due to her efficiency and work ethic. It is important to note that Rose came to the position with no prior experience in academia, so in addition to learning a new job, she had to learn how the system works here. Undaunted, Rose brings energy and enthusiasm to everything she does.  

Team Builder Award

This award is for an individual that fosters a work environments that supports others, passes on knowledge and experience, demonstrates flexibility, and helps the group achieve productive results.

The recipient is Kristen Laquidara, Academic Advisor II in BME nominated by Paul Benkeser.

Kristen is a fantastic team builder in the BME advising group, not only because of the close relationships she has formed with her colleagues and more than 300 students per year but also for the tasks she performs well beyond her job description. As an example, Kristen worked with an undergraduate student to create a recruitment group called FUTURES (Future Undergraduate Tours for Understanding Research and Education Strategies.) She recruited students to serve as tour guides and prospective student contacts. Tours are offered every Friday during Fall and Spring—with most at capacity of 30 visitors each week.

Hero Award

The award is recognizes an individual who is a role model, is committed to the delivery of excellent service and results always, and is the person the everyone turns to for support or solutions.

The recipient is Sarah Collins, Graphics Specialist in the Dean’s office nominated by Barbara Christopher.

In her role as Graphics Specialist, Sarah serves not only the Dean’s office but all of the COE academic units. You have seen the results of her work in print and on line. Sarah has amazing skills as a designer, print producer, and sourcing specialist.  She is also lightning fast and incredibly personable. As one of her letter states “The most amazing thing about Sarah is that you always walk away thinking you are her only customer. But nothing could be farther from the truth.” Her queue is always full of projects, large and small. Sarah has a solutions-orientated approach along with unlimited creativity.  Most importantly, she has tact in providing feedback and working with her clients to deliver the best product, on time using available resources.  

Message from the College Leadership



 Photo Gallery

How many colleagues can you spot in the photo gallery. Click here to view the galley via Flickr.

2016 CoE Staff Appreciation